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Categorization of papers

Categorization of papers

Categorization of papers is  being done in accordance with the Rules on Publication of Scientific Papers (Off. Gazette of the RS No. 77/10) according to following principles:

  1. Original scientific paper contains introduction, methods, results and discussion (the IMRAD scheme) and it presents for the first time text on results of author’s own research obtained through scientific methods, which can be double-checked.
  2. Overview paper is a paper that presents new synthesis made on the grounds of overview of the new issues on certain area, which contains original, detailed and critical overview of a certain research problem, where the author has made a certain contribution.
  3. Short or preliminary report is an original scientific paper, but of limited size or preliminary by character where certain elements of IMRAD may be omitted, and which contains a concise presentation of results of completed original paper or a paper which is underway.
  4. Scientific critique, or discussion is debate on certain scientific issue, based solely on scientific argumentation, where an author proves viability of a certain point of its opinion, i.e. confirms or rejects other authors’ findings.
  5. Expert paper is such a paper containing experiences useful for improvement of professional praxis, which are not necessarily based on scientific methodology, but on the possibility to use results of original scientific examination and on knowledge dissemination.
  6. Information contribution is a presentation, commentary, and alike.
  7. Reviews of books, instruments, software, cases, scientific events and alike is a contribution where author gives his/her evaluation and proves viability/non viability of a certain scientific or expert paper, criteria, thesis or starting point, with a special emphasis on the quality of the edition at issue.

Categorization is being done by editorial board of the journal.

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